Abigail Taylor Says

I’m absolutely obsessed with the Costal Capri. I’ve gone to the farmers market in Greenville specifically to get another candle after I finished the first one. Easily one of my new favorites. Everyone was so kind. Easily one of my new favorite small businesses.

Scarlet Solano Says

Wiks & Stones is a highly recommended new candle company that I’ve heard nothing but great things. One of my favs is The Charleston Refresher, the aroma is absolutely AMAZING!! It’s a green tea and cucumber aroma that’ll have your whole house smelling incredible. Plus it has a long lasting aroma I can’t stop talking about. Great quality & highly recommend ! ♥️

Tylandra Callands Says

I recently had the pleasure of shopping with Wiks & Stone and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. From the moment I stopped by the booth at the Greenville Farmers Market, I loved the presentation of the products. However, what really stood out to me was the incredible smell of the candles. It was evident that everything was hand poured and made with love and hard work.

The owner was very pleasant and made the shopping experience even better. It's rare to find good customer service these days, but this business exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend the ocean front scented candle, as well as any other scents they offer. I was so impressed that I wanted to buy them all, but unfortunately, I was traveling and couldn't fit them in my luggage!

Overall, I highly recommend these candles to anyone who appreciates quality products and exceptional customer service. The combination of the beautiful presentation, amazing scents, and personal touch of hand pouring make this candle business stand out from the rest. Don't hesitate to give them a try, you won't be disappointed!

Torie Sheehan Says

These candles smell amazing and I love the sound the wooden wicks make! Everyone who comes into my house asks me how it smells so good. I also love that when the candle is finished, I can use the jar to plant succulents or small plants.

Autumn Edwards Says

Lovely scents. I love burning my candle all the time since I got it and it is long lasting and I LOVE the wood wick so I can listen to it in my quiet room while doing schoolwork. It’s so relaxing. Highly recommend. Very nice and lovely company. Btw I got the Rosemary + Sage. ❤️

Courtney Lohmann Says

The hands down, most absolute, best candle EVER! Look for them at your local farmers market or event and grab yourself one. You won't be upset! One candle fills my entire house with the sweetest of smells. And the concrete holder is beautiful! Thank you Wiks & Stone for creating something so beautiful and functional!

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