A Personal Touch for Your Space

Here at Wiks and Stone, we take pride in crafting each and every candle by hand, just for you. We believe that the perfect scent can turn a house into a home, and we're passionate about helping you achieve that. So, when you choose one of our candles, you're not just getting a product; you're inviting a piece of our heart and soul into your space. Discover the enchanting aromas we've lovingly created for you and transform your surroundings into a place of comfort and delight.

Stone Tea Light Holder Set
Wiks and Stone LLCStone Tea Light Holder Set
Sale price$29.00
Discovery Tea Light Set - 12 scents combination - Tester Candles - Scented Candles
Wiks & StoneDiscovery Tea Light Set
Sale price$18.00
10/10 HANDS DOWN!!! Love the smells. They all smell amazing!!! My forever brand now to purchase for my home!

-Kadra Mergogey